‘American Sniper’ Widow Leaves Us in Tears With Birthday Message to Hero Husband

Legendary Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle would have turned 44 on Sunday. Kyle’s life was tragically cut short when a mentally disturbed military veteran fatally shot him and Chad Littlefield at a Texas gun range.

Kyle, author of the best-selling book “American Sniper,” left behind a love wife and two children.

Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle, penned a heart-wrenching message to her late hero husband on Sunday and revealed the prayer that she and their children sent to God on his birthday.

“What an odd day today is… it’s Chris’s birthday and I feel happy, really happy about his life. It isn’t overshadowed by his death today. I don’t know if it’s all of the prayers people have been praying, my kids’ happiness, the healing we’ve been doing, my parents visiting, or just the mighty grace of God,” she wrote. “I almost feel like I feel Chris’s happiness. Is that weird? That’s what it feels like.”

Because we don’t want to take anything out of context, we are publishing the rest of Taya Kyle’s message in full below:

“I feel like I can feel his happiness at having lived a life well lived – full of moments like this and so many more. Maybe he’s happy we aren’t crying on his birthday? It’s a beautiful Sunday. What a precious gift to have his birthday on a scheduled day of rest. It’s full of family, love and time to reflect.

My heart is beating harder as I write this. Sadness is threatening to rush in. It’s like remembering what I want to share about Chris makes me happy and then my heart cracks. Dang it. It doesn’t come without heartbreak yet – but man – I’m not remembering with sobbing tears like every other year. It’s not angry like every other year. It’s not a pressure cooker of love, ache, frustration and longing mixed with gratitude for having had the love at all. And that…. the water of emotion simmering, instead of boiling, makes all the difference.

So I’ll keep this shorter than normal so I don’t take myself back to a place of pain (I do that enough in therapy :-)) Today I am grateful for the prankster, lover, gentleman and father who not only loved his kids so deeply, but showed them his love; the man who took serving others seriously but never took himself that way. I’m grateful for the man with the youthful spirit who loved horses and dogs and some people, but not all of them. 🙂 The man of flesh and bone who had magnetic and powerful energy swirling about him. Once people met him, they wanted more of him. Who wouldn’t?

I have a strong feeling he is on the other side still pulling pranks, loving people, welcoming warriors home, serving the kingdom of God and finding a way to share his powerful, magnetic energy with us as we live to fight another day on this side of things.

To Chris: Happy Birthday, Love. You are the gift. Thank you for the joy then and now. The kids and I are praying God embarrasses you with a big bear hug in front of everyone in heaven today. I. Love. You.”

Never forget the monumental sacrifices of America’s military heroes and their families.