Author Tells Gun Owners: ‘I Legitimately Don’t Care About Your Life’ or Lives of Your Family

A self-described “romance author” and blogger Jenny Trout sparked a firestorm on Twitter when she told Trump supporters and gun owners she doesn’t care if they or their families live or die.


“If you are a MAGA or a 2A enthusiast, I legitimately do not care about your life/well-being or the lives/well-being of your family. I don’t care if you can’t defend yourselves against intruders or what,” she tweeted.

In the face of tremendous backlash, Trout only doubled down on her stunning attack on gun owners.

“There is literally NOTHING you can say to me that’s going to make me respect you or care about the myriad things you want to use your shooty-shoots for. I don’t care. I just. Don’t,” she tweeted.

The responses to Trout’s stunning attack on conservatives were about what you’d expect.

“I just made an extra donation to the NRA in honor of your comment. I think it’s medication and bed time for you LOL #NRA member for life,” one user responded.

Another user replied, “And I’m buying another gun tonight. I don’t expect anyone to care about my safety….that’s why.”

“We know. That’s why we’re 2A enthusiasts,” a witty Twitter user retorted.

Others took a more humble approach, asking Americans to pray for Trout and her deep hatred for conservatives and gun owners.

“My typical style is to make fun of crazy people and ideas but this person is deep in hate. Let’s give her our thoughts and prayers,” another user tweeted.

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