Why Ben Shapiro Says the Media ‘Is Going to Bury’ and Ignore the YouTube Shooting

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro theorized that the media will largely ignore the YouTune shooting in San Bruno, California, because the facts about the shooter do not go along with a certain narrative.

“Since this person is a weird person with a mental illness and left-wing leanings and a Muslim background, that means this is not going to be news beyond, you know, the next five minutes,” Shapiro said.

He pointed out that the shooter, Nasim Najafi Aghdam, was an extreme animal rights activist who made bizarre videos about animal cruelty. Her family revealed she harbored a hatred for YouTube because she believed the company was censoring and demonetizing her videos.

“This isn’t going to be top-line news for the media for much longer than 24 hours,” Shapiro said.

It would be quite different, he said, if the shooter had been an “NRA activist.”


“The media is going to bury this one. We’ll get right back to Parkland, which has a nice narrative that the media can glob onto, ignoring, of course, all the facts about what happened in Parkland,” Shapiro added.

Just like in the Parkland shooting, police received warnings about the YouTube shooter prior to the attack but were unable to stop it. Aghdam’s family reportedly warned police that she was angry at YouTube and might try to “do something.” Police also interviewed her the day before the shooting when she was found sleeping in her car in a parking lot.

The next day, Aghdam opened fire at YouTube in San Bruno, injuring three people before police say she killed herself.