Man Sent a Ripped $10 Bill to the Government — He Was Stunned by Response He Got

Dan Amira, a writer on Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” pulled a $10 bill out of his pocket and made the upsetting discovery that it was ripped in half. He had no idea how it happened, but his cash had instantly lost its value.


For some reason, he got the idea to send the torn bill to the U.S. government, specifically the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. He included a short message:

“To whom it may concern,

Enclosed is one $10 bill. I don’t know how it ripped in half. I just took it out of my pocket one day and it was in two pieces. I think it was just old.

Please send a reimbursement check to:

Dan Amira […]



Likely not expecting anything in return, Amira was stunned when he received a response from the U.S. Treasury Department.

As he requested, the government sent him a $10 reimbursement check for his torn $10 bill.

“I used to think the government was bad, but now I think it is good,” Amira tweeted after getting the response.

While the government and its workers are far from perfect, it seems sometimes the government sometimes gets it right.


Don’t spend it all in one place, Dan.