Illinois Town Passes Draconian Gun Ban — Threatens Gun Owners With $1K Per Day Fine

In a stunning move, the Chicago suburb of Deerfield has voted to ban so-called “assault weapons,” threatening gun owners who don’t comply with legal consequences.

Members of the village board voted unanimously to outlaw semi-automatic firearms that they determine to be “assault weapons,” including AR-15 rifles, WGN 9 reported. The local ordinance also covers high-capacity magazines.

Gun owners have until June 13 to comply with the new ordinance. Citizens who refuse to give up the banned guns will face a fine of up to $1,000 per day.

Deerfield Village Manager Kent Street claimed that the federal government might move to ban semi-automatic weapons if more local towns follow their lead.

In 2015, a local ordinance that banned “high-powered” rifles in Highland Park survived a Supreme Court battle. The decision emboldened Deerfield officials to try its own gun ban.

The Chicago Tribune has more details:

Village attorney Matthew Rose said the ordinance is based on one passed in 2013 by Highland Park that withstood a legal challenge of its constitutionality.

“This is not only held constitutional by the Seventh Circuit but similar laws have been ruled constitutional in California, the District of Columbia and Maryland,” Rose said last month.

The resolution says that since Deerfield enacted its regulations, “assault weapons have been increasingly used in an alarming number of notorious mass shooting incidents at public schools, public venues, places of worship and places of public accommodation.”

The issue of gun control has been front and center ever since the tragic high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., that left 17 people dead. Since then, several Parkland students have become gun control activists demanding stronger gun control laws and federal gun bans.

Watch CBS Chicago’s local news report in the video below.

Should gun owners in the town fight the ban?