If You Ever See This On Your Windshield Call The Police ASAP, The Reason Why Is Terrifying

It’s horrifying to think of the extreme lengths sex traffickers are willing to go in order to capture their victims. This young woman’s dangerous encounter is a reminder to think twice before reacting if you find yourself in a bizarre situation.

Please share this with every woman you know! One young lady recently took to Facebook to warn fellow women about a new tactic traffickers are using to ensnare their victims. Last week, a young woman by the name of Ashley Hardacre found herself in an unusual altercation and barely managed to escape.

It was just a regular day for the young Michigan native who was finishing her shift at a local mall in Flint. But when she returned to her vehicle, she noticed something rather bizarre.

The 19-year-old noticed a strange object on her windshield.

“I got to my car and locked the doors behind me immediately as I always do and noticed that there was a blue flannel shirt on my windshield,” Ashley said in a Facebook post.

At first, Ashley wasn’t too concerned about the misplaced shirt, but after realizing what was going on, Ashley made a life-saving, split-second decision.

She shared, “There were two cars near me and one was running so I immediately felt uneasy and knew I couldn’t get out to get it off. At first, I thought maybe someone had just thrown it on my car for some odd reason. ”

Thankfully, Hardacre followed her gut-instinct and sped away as fast as she could.

Ashley explained, “Luckily I knew better than to remove the shirt with cars around me, so I drove over to a place where I was safe and quickly rolled down my window and got the shirt off.”

It’s been reported that this is one of the latest tactics used by human traffickers: They wrap an unusual item around the windshield wiper. And of course, when the confused driver goes out to retrieve the “gift”, the criminals kidnap the victim before they realize what’s happening. Bad things can happen in the blink of an eye.

In an interview with CBS News, Flint Township Police Detective Sgt. Brad Wangler reminded that it’s important to be cautious especially “if something doesn’t seem right, or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.” He continued, “But by all means, we need to know about this stuff when it happens. Nothing like this has ever happened before. There have been no other incidences like this. It’s kind of unknown as to what or why or who [did this].”

Human trafficking and kidnapping is real, and not a topic to be taken lightly. You don’t think it will happen to you until it does. ALWAYS try to travel in groups and ALWAYS stay alert in parking lots or public places, especially at night. Don’t look at your phone when you’re walking to your car, and if you don’t have pepper spray, hold your hand in a fist with your keys between your fingers, perpendicular to your bones, until you get into your vehicle. It is so easy for predators to lure or target young women who are alone.

So be smart, stay alert and make it a priority to learn to defend yourself physically. Some people’s instincts and reactions don’t kick in until after the few seconds it takes for someone to sneak up and grab you from behind, and God forbid it be too late to save yourself. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS; BE CAREFUL!!!! And please share this young woman’s story with everyone you know.