Law-Abiding Gun Owner EXPLODES on City Council Over Gun Control: ‘I’m the Majority!’

Mark Robinson, a gun owner in Greensboro, North Carolina, exploded on city council members over their views on gun control, urging them to start “standing up for the majority.”

“I’ve heard a whole lot of people in here talking tonight about this group and that group, domestic violence, and blacks, these minorities,” the gun owner said. “What I want to know is: When are you all gonna start standing up for the majority?”

Robinson went on to explain what he meant by “the majority.”

“I’m the majority! I’m a law-abiding citizen who’s never shot anybody,” he added. “It seems every time we have one of these shootings, nobody wants to put the blame where it goes, which is at the shooter’s feet. You want to put it at my feet. It does not make any sense.”

Robinson argued that law-abiding citizens in his community are too often the first ones to suffer the consequences of other people’s decisions.

“The law-abiding citizens of this community and many communities around this country — we’re the first ones taxed and the last ones considered and the first ones punished when things like this happen,” he concluded.’

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