Convicted Felon Breaks Into Home and Strikes Man’s Wife — It Cost Him His Life

A Nashville man arrived at his home to find the back door open. Moments after he entered, he was hit in the head with a “blunt object,” a blow so hard that it fractured his skull.

That’s when the man realized two “strange” men had broken into his home. They gained entry through the backdoor and moments later, hit his wife.

The suspects didn’t know it at the time, but it would end up being a deadly mistake.

The two men ordered the homeowner to open his gun safe and stole three long guns and one pistol, according to police. At some point, the wife was able to escape and get to a neighbor’s house.

However, her husband didn’t know where she went or if she was in danger. He grabbed yet another handgun hidden in another room and ran after the intruders looking for his wife.

Police say an altercation ensued and the homeowner opened fired, neutralizing one of the alleged home intruders, Fox 17 reported. The second suspect dropped the guns he had stolen and ran for his life.

The “good guy with a gun” story is not uncommon at all:

Terry Adams, Jr., 27, was later identified as the suspect shot and killed by the homeowner. He is a convicted felon who has been convicted on charges from car theft, to felony theft and aggravated assault. Adams was also a wanted man for probation violations.

The unidentified homeowner was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The incident remains under investigation, but it seems to be an open-and-shut case of self-defense.

Featured image via Nashville Metro PD/Fox 17