Jimmy Kimmel Faces 150K Strong Boycott After Openly Mocking Melania Trump’s Accent

A petition calling for a boycott of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” over the host’s attack on First Lady Melania Trump had earned more than 150,000 signatures as of Monday. The original goal for the petition was 50,000 signatures.

The petition accuses host Jimmy Kimmel of revealing his “true bigotry” by mocking the first lady’s accent. Melania Trump immigrated to the U.S. from Slovenia.

In the clip below, Kimmel openly mocks her accent and how she pronounces words like “this” and “that.”

Read the full petition below:

On Monday night, left-wing host Jimmy Kimmel showed his true bigotry by mocking the way our First Lady was reading a children’s book during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

In the past he has claimed to be loving and accepting of all immigrants, but he openly made fun of her accent and his crowd laughed along. He even reenacted the way she says “This and That”.

Then, he told his immigrant counterpart, Guillermo, that he too could be First Lady. This was clearly a shot at her accent.

The creators of the petition supposedly plan to send the petition directly to the front door of the Disney/ABC studios in Burbank, California.

“Let’s send a message that these attacks on our First Lady will NOT be tolerated,” the petition concludes.

Are you going to join the boycott and sign the petition?

Featured images via YouTube/Screengrab