Judge Sets Date to Shut Off Baby Alfie Evans’ Life Support Against Parents’ Wishes

A judge in the U.K. has ordered 23-month old Alfie Evans be taken off life support over his parents’ objections. The parents were fighting to take their child abroad for treatment.

Alfie is suffering from a mysterious degenerative brain disease that doctors have been unable to diagnose and is being kept alive with a ventilator. The parents presented new footage to the judge in the case that supposedly showed their son showing signs of improvement in a last-ditch effort to save their son’s life.

A date has now been set for the withdrawal of Alfie’s life support.

The video presented to the judge by Alfie’s parents reportedly showed his mother, Kate, feeding him chocolate from the tip of her finger. Some medical experts said the move was “dangerous” and comes with a risk of “aspiration” and other complications.

Still, the parents claim the state is infringing on their parental rights as they want to take their son to a hospital in Rome or Germany for treatment.


In a statement, Christian Legal Centre chief executive Andrea Williams argued the “state cannot override their desire to seek further treatment for their son, especially when such help is being offered by three different hospitals.”

“Thomas and Kate never leave Alfie’s side,” Williams said. “The state must not pass and enforce a death sentence. Even at this 11th hour, with heavy odds against us, we will fight to the end alongside Tom and Kate for their son’s life.”

The story has drawn comparisons to the controversial case of Charlie Gard, a baby who died after being taken off life support against the wishes of his parents.