Gun-Free London Sees More Murders Than New York City for First Time Ever Under Sadiq Khan

London saw more murders than New York City for the first time in history under the leadership of Mayor Sadiq Khan. A shocking 12 people have been killed in the British capital in a period of just 19 days.

London had 15 murders in February, outpacing New York, and 22 murders in March, likely to beat the U.S. city again.

The Daily Mail has more details:

February marked the first month in history books that London had more murders than the American city with a total of 15 homicides. Out of the 15 killed, nine were aged 30 or younger.

In March, there were 22 murders, which is likely to match if not beat out New York’s numbers.

The murder epidemic continued on Sunday when a man in his twenties was fatally stabbed after leaving a bar in Wandsworth, marking the 12th person to be murdered in London in 19 days.

London’s mayor, who has come under intense scrutiny for his policies and immigration position, recently requested an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service to come up with a plan to combat the startling murder numbers.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick tried to appeal to criminals carrying knives in the face of the violent crime spike.

“There is a role for all of us – London’s public, our partners and the police,” she said. “There will be young people out today who are carrying knives – stop and think. Do you really want your life to end? Or end someone else’s and waste your own life in prison?”

It’s not guns that are contributing to deaths and violence in London — the main fear is knives.

It’s almost as if bad people will always find a way to hurt people.

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