Man Hatches Insane Plan to Win Taylor Swift’s Heart. Now He’s in Jail

A Connecticut man wanted to win Taylor Swift’s heart so badly that he was willing to become a criminal. He apparently thought it would impress her.

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The suspect, identified as Bruce Rowley, allegedly robbed a bank before driving to Swift’s house and throwing cash over the fence in an attempt to impress her and win her affection, according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

Rowley allegedly walked into a bank and demanded money, but he wasn’t armed and he didn’t make any threats. The teller reportedly turned over an unspecified sum of cash.

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Rowley then allegedly Rhode Island State Troopers on a chase back to Connecticut and was ultimately apprehended and arrested, according to the report:

Cops say Rowley — who was spotted by state troopers in Rhode Island and led them on a chase back to Connecticut — told them he tried contacting Swift, but said she wasn’t home. Cops are trying to verify whether he actually went to her house.

According to the police report … Rowley repeatedly told cops he had a crush on Taylor and that he planned on donating some of the money he stole from the bank to Ansonia PD … believing that would impress her.

Rowley’s gesture, which he apparently thought was romantic, now faces robbery and larceny charges and is currently being held on bail.

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