Robber Points Gun in Face of a Big Man in Cowboy Hat — Big Mistake

A man in a cowboy hat was checking out at a butcher shop in Monterey, Mexico, when a man wielding a gun tried to rob the place.

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When the robber pointed the gun in his face, the man in the cowboy hat calmly removed his glasses and seemingly addressed the robber.


When the robber’s attention was distracted by other customers, the hero in the cowboy hat jumped into action and disarmed the thug with relative ease.


Once the robber no longer had a gun, other store employees assisted the cowboy in taking him down.

The Carnes Cares butcher shop posted surveillance footage of the attempted robbery on its Facebook page on Monday and it has since gone viral on the internet.

Watch the entire incident below:

“A guest thwarted a robbery in one of our locations,” the video’s caption reads, according to one transcription.

It’s never a good idea to mess with a man in a cowboy hat.