Actor Mario Lopez Gets Baptized in Same River as Jesus, Shares Testimony With the World

Actor Mario Lopez recently embarked on a “bucket-list” tour of the Holy Land, getting baptized in the Jordan River — the same river where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ.

The former “Saved by the Bell” star shared the moving experience with the world, posting video on Twitter and providing testimony about his Christian faith.

“We are at the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. I’m about to get baptized,” Lopez, says in one of the videos. “It’s a beautiful day. There’s a really cool Catholic priest that’s gonna do me the honors. And there’s a sermon going on right now. So I’m going to join these fine folks and then, bam! It’s on!”

During the “spiritual moment” of the actual baptism, observers can be heard singing Christian hymns, including “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.”

After being baptized, the smile on Lopez’s face said it all. He raised his fists in the air and thanked the strangers around him for their support in his spiritual journey.

“Thank you! Beautiful people here, helping me, thank you. This is awesome! Wow! Just got baptized in the Jordan River,” Lopez said.

Lopez visited all the historically significant locations during his trip, including the Western Wall.

Reflecting on his trip to the Holy Land for Holy Week, Lopez suggested it changed him on spiritual level once it was all said and done.

Visiting the Holy Land during Holy Week will change your thoughts about religion & spirituality. When traveling it’s important to keep an open mind & see what the world has to offer,” he tweeted. “Thank you Israel for an inspiring time.”

Lopez has never been shy when speaking out his faith in Jesus. Even in Hollywood, Lopez has been outspoken and proud about his Catholic upbringing.

“I am proud of who I am and what I am and being Catholic. I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve just tried to build a more spiritual muscle in a business that is very unpredictable,” Lopez told Fox News in 2015. “It’s nice to have something that is consistent in our life – family and faith is that for me.”

Amen, Mr. Lopez. Amen.