Furious Mom Sees Video of Son Robbing Couple, Turns Him Into Police Herself

A furious Memphis mother turned in her own son to police after she saw him robbing a couple in a viral video.

As previously reported by QPolitical, a man approached a man asking for a ride before pulling a handgun and trying to rob him. The victim’s wife then emerged from the home with her own firearm and fired a warning shot, sending the suspect running for his life.

When Adrian Perry saw the video on the local news, she immediately realized the robber was her 20-year-old son, Derriontay Perry. She handed him over to police personally.

The mother also issues an emotional apology on behalf of her son in an interview with FOX13.

“I am sorry that your visit to Memphis, Tennessee, had to be like that because of my disobedient and disrespectful child,” the angry mom said.


She also had some blunt advice for parents.

“I love him. This is what you call tough love something a lot of parents need to start doing,” Perry added.

However, she also realized how close she came to losing her son completely as the female victim would have been within her right to shoot him in self-defense. It’s not a fact that is lost on the mother.

“I want to thank you young lady for not coming out of that door and shooting my baby on site,” she said.

Derriontay Perry is now in jail on $100,000 bond. He faces charges of aggravated assault and aggravated robbery.

The mother says jail is exactly where her son needs to be right now.