Officer Drives 84-Year-Old Man to Hospital See Wife of 60 Years — This Photo Got to Us

Roger Baker, an 84-year-old man in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, wanted to go to the hospital to check on his wife of 60 years. She recently suffered a medical emergency and he doesn’t know when or if her condition will improve.

However, Baker didn’t have a car or anyone to drive him to the hospital. He literally had no friends or family to take him. The seven-mile walk was also too much for the 84-year-old to take on by himself.

That’s when a Montoursville police officer came to the rescue. Deputy Chief Jason Bentley got the call that Baker needed to get to the hospital, and he jumped into action. The two arrived at the hospital together.

A photo showing Bentley holding the elderly man’s hand as they made their way inside the hospital has since gone viral and has been shared thousands of times.

Wow, that’s a powerful image.

“When he got out of my patrol car at the hospital he held on to the side of the car for about a minute to get his balance. I didn’t realize he was that bad, so I grabbed his hand and started walking him in,” Bentley said.

The situation really touched the police officer, who tried to imagine how he would feel if it was his wife of 60 years in the hospital.


“You can only imagine what’s going through someone’s mind at that age when they’ve been together that long, but he didn’t seem to be overly upset, like he kind of expected it and was ready and just going to see his wife, see how she’s doing because he didn’t know how she was doing,” Bentley added.

The Montoursville Police Department said in a Facebook post that the man was put in a wheelchair by hospital staff and taken directly to his beloved wife’s bedside, where he remains.

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