‘How Can They Do This?’: Parents Say Hospital Trying to Give Son Alfie ‘Lethal Injection’

The High Court in the U.K. recently ruled that 23-month-old Alfie Evans should be allowed to die against his parents wishes. The boy is suffering from a rare, undiagnosed brain disease and has reportedly suffered severe brain damage.

Rather than letting the hospital euthanize their son, Aflie’s parents, Thomas Evans and Kate James, have been fighting to take their son out of the country for experimental treatment. Every one of their appeals have been denied.


Now, the parents reportedly said the hospital is trying to “give him a lethal injection like they give them on death row.” The drug he’s referring to is Fentanyl.

“He’s alive, his eyes are wide open,” Evans said during a Facebook Live broadcast on Monday.

Evans also posted a photo of his son and included the caption, “This is Alfie now having cuddle time how can they do this.”

Thomas Evans/Facebook

Over the weekend, Evans pleaded with the Queen to intervene to save his son:

To Her Majesty in Parliament:
We the undersigned humbly petition Your Majesty for protection of life and liberty of your 23-months-old subject Alfie Evans.
The judges in Your Majesty’s Courts have given orders:
* to kill Alfie on an appointed hour at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool by withdrawing his life support;
* for the day and hour of that killing to be kept secret from the public to avoid any protest or hinderance; and
* for Alfie to be detained in Alder Hey until his death – any attempt to release him to be resisted by force, and punished by imprisonment.
These cruel orders are not authorised by any law ever passed in a democratic Parliament. Instead, the said judges pretend to exercise Your Majesty’s ancient autocratic jurisdiction over the life and death of your subjects.
As loyal subjects, we refuse to believe that Your Majesty would ever command such evil deeds to be done; and we denounce Alfie’s death sentence and imprisonment as a seditious usurpation against Your Majesty and the law of the land.
There is no time to spare anymore.
We shall patiently await Your Majesty’s royal protection and justice; and in the meantime, Alfie’s Army and the good people of Liverpool will not sit back and allow this to happen. I can not stop them from now joining up and demonstrating outside alder hey again to do their utmost to defend Alfie against all those who prepare to take his life in the next hours/days.

Thomas Evans

Roughly 200 protesters gathered outside the hospital on Monday to protest the court’s ruling in the case, temporarily blocking the road and chanting, “Save Alfie Evans!”

It’s unclear when Aflie’s life support will be withdrawn by the hospital.