Photog Reveals ‘Remarkable’ Thing He Saw Melania Do Off-Camera at Barbara Bush’s Funeral

A photo of former President George H.W. Bush surrounded by former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and their respective first ladies at his beloved wife Barbara’s funeral went viral.

One look at the photo and it’s easy to see why.

The group, made up of Republicans and Democrats, came together to comfort a man after he lost his wife of 73 years.

The former White House photographer who took the viral photo, Paul Morse, has now revealed what he witnessed First Lady Melania Trump and the others doing off-camera, according to the Daily Mail:

Morse said that while his goal was to photograph former President George H.W. Bush along with attendees paying respects to his beloved wife, he was also keenly aware of other interactions transpiring around him.

The photographer noted the intimate conversation Melania was having with Michelle off camera.

‘I could see in the distance her chatting with Michelle Obama and they were having a friendly conversation it seemed, though I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. They seemed at ease with each other as you can see in the photo.’

Melania appeared to be most comfortable with the Obamas, as evidenced by the interactions she had throughout the day.

It takes true class on behalf of the first lady to treat her political opponents with such a level of respect. The best part is the respect appeared to be mutual.

Morse told the Daily Mail, “The First Lady seemed very happy to be included as part of that group and looked really happy to be there.”

However, the photographer noted that he did not see “any interaction between Hillary and Melania.” It’s unclear if there is more of a story there.

When Morse got the chance to look at the photo on his computer, he realized he had captured something special.


“It wasn’t until after the service and the private service at the president’s library that I actually had time to look at the photo on my computer,” he told New York Magazine. “The first thing that struck me was how natural everyone looked. Their smiles were authentic and everyone was very comfortable around each other which was remarkable. Everyone looked very happy to be together.”

God bless America’s current and past presidents and their first ladies.