Major ISIS-Inspired Attack at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco Thwarted — Fast Facts to Know

Authorities have arrested a 17-year-old high school student for allegedly plotting a “lone wolf” terrorist attack at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Texas.

The suspect, identified as Matin Azizi Yarand, reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS and spent $1,400 on weapons. He was allegedly planning to carry out the attack in May.

Law enforcement officials conducted an undercover operation to thwart the attack. They later discovered Azizi-Yarand’s so-called “manifesto.”

The Plano ISD high school student is now being held on $3 million bail and faces charges of making a terroristic threat and criminal solicitation of capital murder. If convicted, he will face life in prison.

Azizi-Yarand reportedly started communicating online in December 2017 about his desire to conduct a terrorist attack inside the United States. Little did he know, he was talking to a confidential source for the FBI.

The Dallas Morning News outlined some of the conversation revealed by a probably cause affidavit in the case:

“Look at all the other lone wolves// What training did they have yet they simply killed the kuffar?” he wrote using a derogatory Arabic term for disbelievers. “The brothers in Europe the brother in Spain the brother in New York? Had no limitary training // it’s not about numbes it’s about gettign a message across to these taghut countries // it’s dangerous tho akhi we have to be careful some have gotten arrested // so we good brother?”

After the confidential source replied “OK,” Azizi-Yarand stated that he wanted to wait until he was 18 so that he could buy a rifle himself.

“But I swear I want to achieve Allahs [Gods] pleasure and kill the kuffar,” he stated, according to the affidavit. “I’ve only been reading ISIS magazine guides for performing operations and making bombs.”

However, the would-be terrorist’s goals went beyond just killing. The suspect allegedly said he wants to put America in the same state as Europe. with soldiers in the streets.

Stonebriar Mall/Google

“Yes, I want to put America in the state that Europe is in which is having to have soldiers deployed in streets” and “something that will cost them a lot financially too,” he stated.

“We are fortunate that the brave men and women of local and federal law enforcement work around the clock to prevent acts of terrorism and mass shootings,” Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis said in a statement.

We’d like to take this opportunity to extend America’s sincerest thanks to the Plano and Frisco police departments and the FBI, all of whom worked together to prevent this tragedy.