Read Actress Patricia Heaton’s Response to Atheist Who Claims God ‘Lets Children Die’

She may be a Hollywood star, but actress Patricia Heaton, best known for her role as Debra on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” is very proud of her Christian faith. She is not shy about talking about it publicly either.

Heaton, who currently stars on ABC’s “The Middle,” regularly posts scripture or inspirational Christian messages on her Twitter account.

Most recently, Heaton posted a message about prayer:

“‘You come to realize very soon, that prayer isn’t something you do, it’s something that God does that you’re open to. And so the more you try to be open to God, surrendered to Him, His life flows into us in prayer.’ A Carmelite Nun, Life in the Hidden Light.”

The actress was quickly rebutted by a several apparent atheists.

“Sorry I don’t believe,” one user wrote. “How could [there] be a God when he lets children die from things like cancer.”

Another user responded:

”The idea of ‘God’ was a way of putting literally the fear of God into people to make them believe that if they didn’t do as they were told by their leaders bad things would happen. No God, No Fear, No Power. It’s obvious really.”

Heaton answered, “Maybe dig a little deeper.”

When the user advised her to “stop digging” completely, the actress offered one final piece of advice. It was good advice, too.

“Never stop digging.”

Amen. Well said, Mrs. Heaton.