‘Roseanne’ Takes on PC Parenting Culture in Must-See Controversial Episode

In this week’s episode of “Roseanne,” the hit show took on the dramatic differences in the parenting styles of the old and new schools of parents — and it’s got everyone talking.

Roseanne Conner is stunned to watch her granddaughter, the child of her daughter Darlene, call her mom by her first name and get rewarded with $5 even after being disrespectful. Roseanne quite simply wasn’t willing to put up with it for long.

Roseanne’s patience runs out when her granddaughter, Harris, removes her clean clothes on top of the washing machine instead of putting them in the dryer first. When confronted, the girl tells her grandma that she needed the dryer and calls her an “old hillbilly.”

So, Roseanne does what any other tough-talking grandma would do — she dishes out some tough love by holding her over the sink and pouring cold water all over her head.

“You’re smart for a kid but you’re still dumb for a person,” Roseanne says in the episode.

Fox News/Screengrab

Roseanne’s daughter, Darlene, was visibly upset when she finds about about the old-school punishment, but she also seems to realize that her buddy-buddy parenting style wasn’t working with her daughter. The mom is forced to take charge and demand all of her social media passwords as well as ground her for three weeks.

Way to go, mom.

The show has not been afraid to touch hot-button issues, including President Donald Trump’s election. The premiere episode of the “Roseanne” reboot was watched by a stunning 25 million people.

Will you be watching next week?

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