WATCH: Sixth-Grade Student Busts Teacher by Recording Shocking Anti-Trump Rant

A sixth-grade student recorded audio of her teacher blasting President Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” policies and telling students America has “never been great for minorities.”

The teacher, identified as Johnetta Benton, was speaking to her class at Hampton Middle School near Atlanta when the lesson suddenly turned political.

“When my president says let’s ‘make America great again,’ when was he talking about?” Benton is heard in the audio saying. She adds that Trump must mean when “[America] was great for Europeans.”

The teacher was then even more blunt regarding her feelings about America.

“Because when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities,” she told the sixth-grade students.

The student who recorded the teacher, Josie Orihuela, told “Fox & Friends” the comments “kept getting worse and worse.”

Orihuela explained that her mother was shocked when she showed her the audio of the teacher’s rant. The young student also criticized the teacher for abusing her position to try to influence students’ opinions.

A spokesperson for the school district admitted that the incident was “extremely unfortunate,” but the issue had been “addressed.”

Now that the story has gone viral, the school district will probably have more than just a few concerned parents to deal with in the coming weeks.