Teens Break Into Man’s Home, Are Greeted by His AR-15 — Now Family Is Mad at Homeowner

Three teenagers broke into a man’s home in Wagoner County, Oklahoma, only to be confronted by the homeowner wielding an AR-15 rifle in self-defense.

The man opened fire on the intruders, killing all three of them. One of the suspects has bene identified as Jacob Redfearn.

Redfearn’s grandfather, Leroy Schumacher, previously spoke out in the case and asked authorities not to rush to judgment in the case.

“Yes I’m grieving, but I’m not the only family that’s grieving here. These boys didn’t think about dying, they made a bad decision and they died because of it,” Schumacher told KOTV. “Think before you act.”

Schumacher said he doesn’t condone what his grandson and the two other teens did, but he wants to make sure the homeowner didn’t use “excessive force” when the teens broke into his home.

“Because if he [the shooter] used excessive force, he went above and beyond that law,” he said.

KOTV, the local outlet reporting on the incident, has more details:

Schumacher believes all three boys didn’t have to die, pointing to what he calls inconsistencies in the shooter’s 911 call, where he tells dispatch he shot two inside the house, but a third teen was found shot outside.

“Did he chase him out of the house and shoot him outside?” Schumacher asked.

If nothing else, the grandfather hopes the teenagers’ mistakes can prevent someone else from going down the same path. “These kids have got to think before they do stupid stuff, and maybe that will, maybe this will help,” Schumacher added.

The so-called mastermind of the crime and getaway, Elizabeth Rodriguez, has been arrested, but hasn’t yet been charged in the case.