Two Days After Barbara Bush’s Death, the Bush Family Was Blessed With a Miracle

Just two days after former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away at the age of 92, the Bush family was blessed with a tiny miracle.

Two days after losing his mother, Neil Bush welcomed a grandson into the world — putting the true meaning of the “circle of life” on full display It would have been Barbara Bush’s 8th great-grandchild.

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His name is Max Walker Lauren. His mother is Barbara Bush’s granddaughter, Lauren, who is married to David Lauren, the son of fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Neil Bush reflected on the life-changing events of the week in a Facebook post on Friday:

Maria and I were so blessed to spend lots of time with mom and dad during mom’s last weeks and we are so grateful for the condolences and the outpouring of love expressed towards her by many, many friends. Barbara Bush was loved by everyone. She lived a remarkable life blessing family, friends, and total strangers around the world. Mom left on her own terms. In the final hours she was comfortable, loving, surrounded by family, holding hands with dad. Maria and I will always be grateful for being able to say a proper goodbye to our wonderful mother. And then two days later, yesterday morning, two weeks before her due date, Lauren Bush Lauren gave birth to a beautiful 7 lb 8 oz baby boy Max Walker Lauren. The circle of life. God is good.

George H.W. and Barbara Bush had six children together, four sons and two daughters, who eventually blessed them with 17 grandchildren and now eight great grandchildren. The presidential couple tragically lost a 3-year-old daughter, Robin, to leukemia in 1953.

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In an Instagram post, Lauren remembered her “one-of-a-kind, tell it like it is, amazing woman” that was her grandmother.

“My love of reading, puzzles, and travel are just a few things she helped foster in me. She loved my Gampy and her family fiercely, and I feel so blessed to have had her as my grandmother for over 30 years,” she wrote in the photo’s caption. “Rest in peace Ganny, we love you!”

Days after posting the photo, Lauren gave birth to a son — a real-life miracle. What a major blessing for the Bush family in this time of need.