UK Man Forced to Defend Himself From Burglars With a Knife — Now He Faces Murder Charge

A 78-year-old man in London had only a knife to defend himself with when two suspects, one armed with a screwdriver, broke into his home on Tuesday night. Guns are essentially banned in the U.K.

The man was reportedly forced into the kitchen by the screwdriver-wielding burglar moments before a struggle ensued. The elderly man got a knife and stabbed the intruder.

Police responded to the scene and took the injured suspect to the hospital, but he was eventually declared dead. The other suspect ran and remains at large.

The 78-year-old man has since been arrested and charged with suspicion of murder.

You read that right.

Sky News reported the man was first arrested on “suspicion of grievous bodily harm,” but the charge was upgraded to “suspicion of murder.”

The neighborhood where the incident took place apparently has a serious burglary problem. Many residents reported feeling unsafe in the area.

One resident, Adam Lake, told BBC News the man doesn’t deserve to be criminally charged for defending himself.

“I feel terrible for the man that was burgled. He doesn’t deserve to be punished for defending himself,” the resident said.

He added in another interview, “The neighbors that I’ve spoken to all agree that the priority needs to be to support him after everything that he’s been through. He was just protecting himself after all.”

Someone being charged with murder for defending themselves seems unthinkable to most of us in the United States.