WATCH: Trump Starts Reading His Prepared Speech, Gets Bored and Throws It Into Crowd

President Donald Trump was giving his prepared remarks during a roundtable talk on tax reform in West Virginia on Thursday when he apparently grew bored and tossed his speech into the crowd.

“This would have been my remarks. It would have taken about two minutes, but to hell with it,” he said as he threw the paper into the crowd.

The crowd laughed and cheered in response to the president’s candor.

Trump then explained he read through the first paragraph and realized it would have been too boring for his taste.

“That would have been a little boring,” he added. “We have to tell it like it is. And we have to get Republicans in office.”

The bold move shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point as Trump has likely cemented his place as the most unscripted and unpredictable president in the history of the nation.