YouTube Shooting Witness in Calif. Admits: ‘I Didn’t Have a Gun on Me, But I Wish I Did’

A San Bruno, California, man was across the street ordering food when he suddenly heard gunshots ring out at YouTube’s headquarters.

“It didn’t stop. It was no mercy. Whoever shot that time, oh, man. It was massive,” he recalled of the rapid gunfire, saying he heard about 10 shots initially and then more.

It was at this moment that he had an epiphany. He admitted, “I didn’t have a gun on me, but I wish I did.”

Since he wasn’t armed at the time, the man said he knew he had to run for cover. “I knew I had to be smart. You’ve got to be fast. You’ve got to think fast,” he said.

Though the incident is still being investigated, a law enforcement source reportedly identified the suspect as a white, adult female wearing a dark top and headscarf. KABC-TV reported police found a woman inside the building dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police have yet to formally identify the suspect.

Authorities responded with a “massive police and fire response” following the active shooting at YouTube’s San Bruno headquarters on Tuesday. Several victims were reportedly transported to local hospitals, their conditions ranging from fair to critical condition.

Police have yet to identify any possible motive in the shooting.