125 Top Memento Mori Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate Life

Searching for the best ideas for memento mori tattoos? Keep reading! You are exactly where you need to be! I have a compilation of 125 Momo Mori tattoos that will help inspire your next design!

Memento Mori Tattoo Meaning

Is Latin scaring you off? Memento mori reminds us lowly humans that death is nothing but inevitable. Take it as someone whispering in your ear, “Remember, you are going to die.” Sounds grim, right? But trust me – Memento Mori is less of a heavy downer and more of a kick-starter. Live the best life you can, will ya? It’s one of the hottest tattoo designs today, and no longer reserved for bikers.

Life is oh-so-short, so why not enjoy it? That’s the feeling you get when you see this tattoo on your skin. Looking for unique memento mori designs? Stick around!

Hourglass Memento Mori Tattoos

These are great memento mori tattoos that you can consider. The sand dripping through the glass body represents time in constant motion. It shows that as time passes, the older a person becomes, and the closer they are to death. Some top hourglass memento mori tattoo ideas include:

  • Skull and hourglass design
  • Traditional memento mori hourglass tattoo
  • Half-sleeve skull with hourglass and rose design
  • Two skulls on the hourglass tattoo design
  • Dark skull tattoo with hourglass tattoo on arm
  • Girl holding an hourglass memento mori tattoo design
  • Skull with crown and hourglass
  • Skull with hourglass and vase tattoo
  • Skull with hourglass rose, and book

Memento Mori Skull Tattoos

A skull – you will find it on most memento mori tattoos. Why? It is the most ubiquitous and recognizable symbol of death from culture to culture Therefore, a skull tattoo delivers an unmistakable reminder of our mortality. Some popular designs include:

  • Skull and wings
  • Skull and clock tattoo on arm
  • Memento mori skull on leg
  • Skully memento mori tattoo design on the upper arm
  • Skull hit by an arrow design
  • Skull and vase tattoo
  • Half skull memento mori tattoo on back
  • Girl with a half-skull face
  • Mandala skull tattoo
  • Poison skull tattoo on arm
  • Memento mori half skull on the arm
  • The glass inside a skull’s mouth
  • Memento mori in skull mouth
  • Skull with books and bottle
  • Memento mori skull with the motto: death finds all men

momento mori tattoos

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Floral Memento Mori Tattoos

You can’t go wrong with floral tattoos! These types of tattoos usually feature flowers, plants, or branches. They create a stunning contrast between the vibrancy of life and the wither of death. Some trendy tattoos in this category include:

  • Memento mori rose tattoo
  • Skull tattoo with leaves on leg
  • Skull and rose memento mori tattoo
  • Skull and flower tattoo on arm
  • Skull with a flower on the leg
  • Skull with colorful flower
  • Flowery memento mori tattoo design on the upper arm
  • Skull in flower
  • Floral skull with a snake
  • Girl with flowers memento mori design
  • Two skulls with leaves
  • Floral skull chest tattoo
  • Skull with rose eyes
  • Skull with purple flower on head

Minimalist Memento Mori Tattoos

For a subtle yet impactful tribute, minimalist line work is an exquisite option for memento mori body art. Simple designs can convey profound truths with admirable restraint. Some of the best tattoo ideas are:

  • Simple script memento mori tattoo
  • Small skull memento mori tattoo
  • Small half-skull tattoo on the arm
  • Simple skull memento mori tattoo
  • Handwritten memento mori tattoo
  • Small memento mori tattoo on the shoulder
  • Memento mori word design on the wrist
  • Memento mori definition (Latin phrase)
  • Memento mori fine line tattoo
  • Memento vivere tattoo
  • Circular memento mori tattoo design on arm
  • Classic memento mori tattoo on chest
  • Lowercase memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori tattoo above the knee
  • Memento mori tattoo design in black ink
  • Memento mori word design tattoo

Amazing Memento Mori Tattoos

Searching for an amazing memento mori tattoo? Don’t look for anything other than these awesome designs for some inspiration.

  • Black and gray memento mori tattoo
  • Traditional and neo-traditional memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori sleeve tattoo design
  • Memento mori chest tattoo
  • Memento mori hip tattoo
  • Girl head on the chest with memento mori text
  • Memento mori tattoo design on thigh
  • Geometric heart tattoo on chest
  • Memento mori gravestone tattoo
  • Memento mori and amor fati coin tattoo
  • Memento mori tattoo on rib
  • Memento mori cross tattoo
  • Memento mori bird tattoo
  • Memento mori with hands tattoo
  • Memento mori with a snake tattoo
  • Memento mori with skeleton chest tattoo
  • Memento mori watch tattoo
  • Periodical memento mori tattoo design on arm
  • Memento mori heart tattoo
  • Memento mori butterfly tattoo

memento mori tattoo

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Cute Memento Mori Tattoo

Looking for something adorable for your next tattoo visit? Feel free to try any of these cute memento mori tattoos.

  • Memento mori sun and moon tattoo
  • Memento mori naked women tattoo
  • Red ink memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori “between life and death” tattoo
  • Redbird memento mori tattoo
  • Side stomach memento mori tattoo
  • Goth goodness memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori Pokemon tattoo
  • Clock and compass memento mori tattoo
  • Girl kissing a skeleton
  • Memento mori stomach tattoo
  • Pocket watch and candle
  • Sundial memento mori tattoo
  • Colored memento mori tattoo
  • Big memento mori back tattoo
  • Memento mori circle tattoo
  • Ankle memento mori tattoo
  • Artsy forearm memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori tarot card tattoo

Beautiful Memento Mori Tattoos

The secret to a stand-out memento mori tattoo is to infuse it with some color. Then, throw in a few lighthearted elements. This way, you can transform your tattoo’s traditional look and feel. Ready to catch everyone’s eyes? Try one of these memento mori tattoo designs.

  • Trash polka memento mori tattoo
  • Watercolor memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori and moth tattoo
  • Bright purple and blue skull tattoo
  • Memento mori wrist tattoo
  • Memento mori neck tattoo
  • Colorful foot memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori throat tattoo
  • Memento mori sparta tattoo
  • Colorful memento mori infinity tattoo
  • Memento mori forearm tattoo
  • Memento mori card tattoo on arm
  • Realistic girl and owl design
  • Memento mori geometric tattoo
  • Memento mori skull with raven (Mexican-inspired)
  • Memento mori on back of leg
  • Skull with an olive wreath
  • Memento mori butterfly design on chest
  • Ambigram memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori ocean wave tattoo

Best Memento Mori Tattoos of All Time

If you are searching for timeless tattoo designs, here are some suggestions.

  • Coffin memento mori tattoo
  • Skull within a butterfly
  • “Falling apart” memento mori tattoo
  • Glass inside a skull’s mouth
  • Light and dark memento mori tattoo
  • Wounded knight
  • “Dancing with Death” memento mori tattoo
  • Spent candle motif
  • Skeleton with red stone on forehead
  • Skeleton and sword
  • Memento mori yin/yang tattoo
  • Memento mori angel wing tattoo
  • Grim reaper memento mori tattoo
  • Memento mori icarus tattoo
  • Scythe and memento mori on rib

memento mori tatoo

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How to Take Care of a Memento Mori Tattoo

Own a piece of art? Surprise! The same care concept applies to a memento mori tattoo – well, almost. Follow these tips.

  • Respect the Healing Phase

So, the tattoo’s complete. Now what? Immediately after getting your tattoo, do you do some rough work or activity that might injure the skin? Hell, no! Your tattoo needs the same love and tenderness as any other wound (or a piece of art.) How? Washing with lukewarm water and mild soap to gently remove the excess ink does the trick.

  • Moisturize It

Ever seen distorted tattoos? Those probably didn’t get enough moisturizing. You should cover the tattoo with a thin layer of ointment or tattoo-specific lotion so the area will stay hydrated. You know, because that’s essential to the healing process. Be careful not to put too much lotion on, though. And wipe off any excess because it can clog up your pores and cause pimples.

  • Do Not Scratch It

Your tattoo is essentially a wound, so expect it to itch. As tempting as scratching may be, don’t do it. Why? It can damage your tattoo memento mori design.

  • Protect It From Sun Rays

Sun rays can make your tattoo fade. You can use SPF sunblock to protect your tattoo when going out, especially during summer. Alternatively, you can protect it by keeping it under clothing.

  • Go for Touch-Ups

No matter how much care you give your memento mori tattoos, they will fade or lose their sharpness. Therefore, after some time, book an appointment with your tattoo artist for a touch-up.

Time to Get a New Tattoo!

So, which memento mori tattoo design gets your skin tingling? I’d be honored if you chose one of these from the list. So, what’s your takeaway? The most crucial message I need to deliver is to remind you to take good care of your new memento mori tattoo.

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